Posted by TikTok user @piperzy, the following video shows how augmented reality art can take a manicure to a whole next level. There’s an animated city on this woman’s thumbnail! You are going to love the tiny car with the headlights. 


“The tiny car and headlights get me every time,” writes video creator @piperzy. “You’re out there living in the year 2050, while we’re all in 2022,” writes viewer of the video @stevenartify. User @redheadedryan says we’re “here before she’s wealthy and famous.” “People don’t realize our future isn’t sitting in your room with a VR set playing a video game,” predicts @br3nsk1. “It’s walking around with AR glasses with an ‘upgraded’ reality. Underneath it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse.” “What if our whole world is just on someone’s finger?” asks @hangoverdiaries. Recommended for you

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