Uploaded by @haytv84, we learn that the beatboxers hidden in the van are a vocal performance band with the user name @berywam. They can be seen in action on a 2019 episode of America’s Got Talent here. “Comedy gold!” writes commenter @the_mopar_club. “Harmless pranks that make people have a fun story at the end of day,” observes @iviercttv. “Love it!” “That’s freaking hilarious,” laughs @old_car_crazy. “I love that they do ‘Let It Go’ for the little girl,” notes @bluefootedb. And @grant231pars agrees: “The end was wholesome,” he says. “These are the original pranks,” writes @jmeza713. “No one is getting hurt and no one has to say it’s a prank. They all knew they were getting pranked.” “I would have lost my mind laughing at the stairs one,” says @aristokati. “OMG, how did they not collapse from laughing?” “Nice to the kid in the end,” remarks @that1ghostt. “I love it when we’re all nice to children. They deserve it.” Recommended for you

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