TikTok video creator @tashayawna is the artist who shares this clip with us. And it generates some comments as people have recollections. “Please,” writes @73candysprinkles. “I remember people purposefully cracking the glass just for this.” “I wanted to do this so bad,” says @doublep1nkeye. User @mattpetrilak1 has a confession: “My toxic trait is that I still think it’s cool,” he writes. “I wanted to do this with my iPhone 8 Plus,” remarks @youngheunn_. “Then I realized it was 2021.” “I’ve never seen this, OMG!” exclaims @linkkinnie. “This looks cool!” “The way people would purposefully break their phone for this was immaculate,” admires @codys.vinyl. “Why didn’t I know about this when I cracked mine?” asks @wavvyyrayy. “I had a black one so I did with gold and silver sharpies,” recalls @spockfromdablockk. Video viewer @lilimadrigal_ also confesses. “I almost wanted my phone to crack specifically for this reason,” she says. Recommended for you

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