Posted to TikTok by @nakamoriakinai, this video invokes viewers’ reactions. “Wow, how did she do that?” asks commenter @hfhyfjy. “I literally was like, ‘Don’t move, don’t move, don’t move,’” writes @janessifer. “She still didn’t blink when she moved,” says @adialenamartinez. “How did you get that look?” inquires @serenatabitha. “She really looks like a doll,” remarks a confounded @epibetancourt798. “I actually knew it was a real person,” claims @vlnightmarez. “The hair gave it away.” “No, because what?” wonders @creativemind398. “This is wild. How?” Viewer @justice4you0 ponders another question entirely. “Not sure whether I should be excited or freak out if I woke up to see this next to me,” he says. Recommended for you

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