TikTok creator and dad Janusz Ronki posted a video featuring his son and a freaky green screen effect that may just give you a heart attack. Once you get over your initial shock, however, the video is actually pretty cool. In the words of Tyra Banks, how many people were scared? Me too. I was really scared. The video shows Ronki’s son hopping around from pillar to pillar over high above a river and a busy freeway. It is, of course, a green screen, but it looks so realistic! This effect is so sweet, but my fear of heights could not handle it! Other TikTok users were just as alarmed and impressed. “I actually nearly died of a heart attack 😂😂,” @agirlwithgundogs said. “That’s actually impressive editing!” @endiclive said. “More realistic than most CGI movies I’ve seen lately,” @sir.rozie said. This is very cool from a content creation standpoint. You can switch the river and freeway out for a Minecraft-style video game or incorporate the floating mountains of Pandora from Avatar for a fantasy-like effect. Whichever it is, this kid going to grow up with some very cool home videos.