Sometimes it can be necessary to find a proper balance of technology and enjoying the outdoors without devices when “roughing it.” Much of that is based on individuals’ thresholds for going unplugged, which can vary from age groups and other personal preferences. As we see from TikTok user @james.climbs.soft, it can be harder for younger campers to immerse themselves in the natural experience, especially when it gets chilly. I do not camp, in any weather, under any circumstances, so maybe I am not the best person to comment on this video. Waking up to a foot of snow separated from me by a flap of fabric and a zipper would likely have me running for any comfort, electronic or otherwise. I can certainly understand the poster’s frustration in the reaction, although the teen should know better about using heating devices so close to electronics. Commenters had some insights into this dilemma. “Caught a snowstorm on my motorcycle up St Bernard pass (Switzerland/Italy). Sat in the summit cloister bathroom under the hand dryer for an hour!” responded HW. jickityjackflash admitted, “that was me with my gloves last week at upper pines lmao.” “Americans have jet boils but not kettles,” remarked Adam Russell