Posted to TikTok by @dashcamofficials, the clip has people talking. “In Australia you must give way to the right,” writes commenter @raildeathday. “Is America the same or is it the left?” “It’s whoever stops first,” says @horse_meat9703. “But if people stop at the same time then it’s whoever is on the right.” “You all are not going to believe me, but legally the car on the right is correct,” writes @420canadiandude. “We all default to opposite directions going at once, but it’s 1/2.” “But the car on the right got there last,” clarifies @imperialstout. Video viewer @stephanes461 has a different take altogether. “The road’s fault,” she says. “There should be a traffic light there.” We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us. Recommended For You

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