Let’s get straight to the video, submitted by TikTok user @smtindustry.


“On May 29, 2022, my whole life changed, all due to an ignorant DUI driver,” the creator of the video writes. “This driver crossed double solid lines and hit me head on,” he continues. “I skimmed away with minor scratches and a pulled ligament in my cervical spine area of my neck, which is going to take months to heal.” Unfortunately, the physical injuries aren’t the only problems caused by the accident. Financial issues remain for the Volkswagen owner as well. “Unlucky for me,” he says, “This person didn’t have insurance and I won’t even end up getting enough to pay the car off. It’s very nerve-wracking to get hit, be zero percent at fault and owe your insurance company thousands of dollars.” A commenter urges him to get legal assistance to collect damages. “Bro, lawyer up if you owe your insurance a significant amount of cash. Garnish this guys wages. A lawyer will eat this up, especially if it was a DUI case.” “Can’t,” says the VW driver. “Lady has nothing. Not even a job or house. Already went to two different lawyers.” Recommended For You

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