One of the major enhancements on the iPhone is the security measure called FaceID, which requires users to unlock their phones with face recognition technology, similar to that used at high-security government and other facilities. While this can make it tricky to hand off a phone to have someone help with a task, some folks have found workarounds for access to other’s phone, for good or malicious intent. Tiktok user @mayahussein_ found a clever way to get into a loved one’s iPhone. Commenters to the post absolutely love this special “hack.” “Y is this so trueeee,” asked Foodi_ma. Isana quipped, “Smooth transition, and it’s always the daughter that looks like the dad.” “The babas angry face is a commong thing in all arab families,” noted Cyrax.  This is pretty funny but hopefully not effective, at least for the sake of Apple’s engineers responsible for FaceID security.