For years the GAB4IOS has been the premier emulator on Apple’s IOS platform. While it is great that you can still run it on current versions of IOS, the iPhone app (or ipa) is showing its age. Enter the Delta Emulator for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The new emulator has been designed from the ground up to be modern and functional. Delta Emulator ipa for iOS, in addition to providing the same set of functionalities as GBA4IOS, builds upon the qualities of the GBA4IOS. It not only supports the Game boy, and the Game Boy Advance, it also adds several other Nintendo platforms to the mix.

Delta Emulator iOS iPA

  The platforms the Delta Emulator repo currently supports are:

SNES Game Boy Game Boy Advance Nintendo 64

But that is not all. The developer of the app promises that support for several other platforms is on the way.


Other notable features of Delta Emulator IOS include:

While it is refreshing and, at the same time, exciting to see apps like Delta ios makes an appearance Apple, sadly, doesn’t allow emulators on its official store. But sweat not the developer behind Delta Emulator ipa has also launched a 3rd party app store for IOS.

Go to Settings»General»Device Management or “Profiles and Device Management”. Here you will have trusted and untrusted profiles of apps. Trust the profile of the app you just recently installed. Now launch the app. You are good to go now.

Called the Altstore, apps like Delta can be installed from this store without jailbreaking your device. The app looks promising. So let’s hope Apple doesn’t squash it like they usually do.