See exactly why we should not text and drive in this TikTok video posted by user @driversedschool.


“My greatest fear when stopping in heavy traffic,” TikTok user @notsohothott1e says. “So petrified someone isn’t gonna pay attention and slam into me.” “Other dude swerved out of the way,” comments @johnnycapalot. “Well, the two fire trucks were on time lmao,” says @meme_hub_2.0 “I mean the wipers still work so that’s good, " notices @liathough. User @nicholeemarieex33 gets the message, writing “See this is why you don’t text and drive.” “Bro, everytime I drive I don’t be on the phone no more, thanks,” promises @chekito15, who seems to have learned a learned a lesson.” User @spinarecord_inmusiccity speculates humorously on the what the next text message: “‘BRB, I just got into a wreck,’ teehee.” “Fire truck on the right and behind them a Mustang,” writes @sarah_bruneel3. “Got really lucky!” “Sending this to my mom,” user @triceratops_only says. “She literally is never not on her phone when she’s driving.” “Video viewer @heatherharris611 has a prediction for what happens next. “Watch the driver say it was your fault.” We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us. Recommended For You

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