In the below video posted by TikTok user @moparzilla, you can see how it all turns out.


“Strong,” states user @cars_scary simply. “The HEMI V8, though,” marvels @vehiclescreed. “Don’t get a ‘Cat, they can’t haul,” says @boatpar sarcastically. “Yes, they can drift, race and haul.” User @vanishedalloy takes notice of something: “Look at the axle bouncing back and forth,” he writes. “When a redneck wins the lottery,” remarks reader @random.videos002. Viewer of the video @bradrowe7 suggests this is “disrespectful to that car.” “I saw a Ram hauling the weight of a semi,” @thatkidaaron3 tells us. Dodge says it like this: “The widebody fenders may dial up the presence of this monster, but the added 3.5 inches of overall width also provide impressive stability and grip.” Recommended For You

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