Even for the seasoned streamer, a rush of excitement hits when that screen loads and the menu of options arrives on the TV, waiting to be examined. Sometimes, half the fun is looking through different offerings and deciding what looks best to watch. As TikTok user @kelseydarragh shows us, that excitement is not limited to those who can use the remote.  Initially, I was not sure if this was a touch screen, and the dog was scrolling through the options with his nose. While that would be even cooler and cuter, it is really funny to see that excitement, even if it is likely the reaction to the moving colors and images. I know some streaming services have “programs” for pets to keep them company when owners are away, so I hope he gets to watch them. Commenters had some adorable reactions to this adorable video. “‘I’m TRYING to pick a show, mom, but they keep MOVING’” suggested sodramaticsarah. Karah Leigh recalled, “This is like when my dog discovered the ceiling fan. That had been up there always.” “My dog is OBSESSED with Friends! She will sit and watch it for hours,” reported txgirl2012.