Unfortunately this fly gps 5.0.5 apk hack is not available for iPhone. So, iPhone users can use its alternative Pokemon Go++ hack which again gives you joystick for Pokemon. Fly GPS apk is also available on Google Play Store. You can download it directly from there or manually. I will provide both links, apk file link and google play link for your convenience.

Fly GPS 5.0.5 Apk Hack

Previous version Fly GPS was 5.0.0 and this is the next updated version 5.0.5. Hopefully it should be more stable with any previous bug fixes. As you know that the developer of Pokemon Go is strictly against hacks and with every new update. They flush out all the hacks on Pokemon Go as soon as thet release like tutuapp. And you must remember that these hacks may get you softban for some time. Fly GPS 5.0.5 apk can be downloaded from the link below. The instructions are provided below to install it on your Android device. Without any further talking, let us start the download and installation of Fly GPS hack.

Download Fly GPS 5.0.5 apk

Download: Fly GPS 5.0.5.apk Google Play Link for direct installation.

How to Install Fly GPS apk

These are the steps to download and install this hack on your phone.


Unlock you android device and connect to an internet connection.


Download Fly GPS 5.0.5 apk file from the link above.


Meanwhile, Go to Settings»Security. Scroll down here and enable an option named Unknown Sources.


Now go back. Open the downloads folder and find Fly Gps app that you just downloaded. Tap on it and hit Install.


Once it is installed. You can use it. All Done!!

To Know how to use this app with Pokemon go, follow full instructions given in this article.

About Fly GPS

Fly Gps is an app that lets you spoof gps location. You can bypass the real location. It is a hack for pokemon go that enables you go anywhere on the map without moving. And it also adds joystick so you can bypass real walking.