Fly GPS 5.0.8 apk is hack which will help you in playing pokemon go using joystick. This is one of the most popular hack out there for pokemon go. Fake Gps or fly gps apk hack is the best one as this allows you to have Joystick on your screen and complete GPS Spoofing. I will show you the full steps to download it via apk file and how to use it properly. Also checkout tutuapp to download free apps.

FLY GPS 5.0.8 Apk for Android

The newer version of Fly Gps comes with more stability on Pokemon Go with crash fixes and bug fixes. As you know that the developer of Pokemon Go is strictly against hacks. And with every new update. They flush out all the hacks on Pokemon Go like tutuapp. And you must remember that these hacks may get you softban for some time. Fly GPS apk 5.0.8 can be downloaded from the link below. The instructions are provided below to install it on your Android device. Without any further talking let us start the download and installation of Fly GPS hack. You may want to have a look at new Super Mario Run by Nintendo.

Download Fly GPS Android Apk Latest

Fly GPS Updated 2022 Version Fly GPS 5.0.8.apk Download apk file from above link. Also try another similar hack, Fake Gps location spoofer. Google Play Store Link To install directly fly gps on your phone without any hazard, download from google play store from below link.

Installation Instructions

These are the steps to download fly gps apk hack on your phone.


Unlock you android device and connect to an internet connection.


Download Fly Gps 5.0.8 apk file from the link above.


Meanwhile, Go to Settings»Security. Scroll down here and enable an option named Unknown Sources.


Now go back. Open the downloads folder and find Fly Gps app that you just downloaded. Tap on it and hit Install.


Once it is installed. You can use it. To know how to use and get this Fake GPS apk hack to work, further follow the below steps.

How to Use Fly GPS 5.0.8 Apk

Once you have installed the app and done all the above steps you need to do the following in order to work the fly gps.

On your phone go to Settings»About Phone. There find the Build No option. Tap on the Build No option seven times. This will enable  developer options on your device. Now go back in main settings menu and open Developer Options.

In the Developer options, tap on Select Mock location app. Set the Fly GPS app as the mock location.

Now go back and open the Fake GPS app. Add the new location where you want to be at when you open pokemon go or any game or app. Now there will be menu popup above the red location sign. Tap on it.

 A popup will appear, tap on the Joystick Location Mode (Pokemon).

It will bring you to location menu. Enable the location and agree to the high accuracy option if appears. And, finally. Now launch the Pokemon Go App. You will appear in a location you have specified with joystick on your screen.

This is how you can download and install FLY GPS 5.0.8 apk for Android. If you have any problem, comment below.