Those who want Leo’s Fortune for free should follow the instructions below. The is completely free here. On Google Play store the price of this game in PKR  is Rs499. Rating on Google Play is 4.6. The gameplay of Leo’s Fortune is awesome. Graphics are incredible both on tablets and phones. User experience is great. Performance is good. Levels are very interesting. The platform is excellent.  Overall the game is excellent and fantastic to play on phones and tablets with defined graphics. Requires Android 4.0.3 and higher. It is an arcade, adventure game with different stages. I have played this Game and trust me guys it is very interesting. Every higher level gets difficult and more interesting.

Game Description

Leo’s gold coins are stolen by a thief. Leo struggles to find the thief and get his gold back. The only clue he has is to follow the dropped coins form the thief’s bag because of a small hole in the bag. Leo follow the dropped coins collecting and going through all the levels to get his stolen coins back.

You need to follow the instructions below in order to run the game properly. Copy and paste the links in new tab and hit enter to download. Thanks for Downloading. Share, Like and Subscribe for more games, apps and updates. Comment if you have any problem