One of the of the benefit of Odin is that it don not require any special method to use. Using Odin is very simple. I will show you to Download Odin Flash Tool and how to use it. Anyone can easily install a Firmware on Samsung Phone using Odin Flash Tool. If your device gets a software update and you don’t receive it via OTA then you can simply download the new Software package and flash it manually via Odin on your phone. Also if you are on a custom rom then you can again revert to stock firmware by downloading a stock OS for your phone and installing it on your phone via Odin. To Download Odin Flash Tool for Samsung Android devices and how to use it follow the instructions below. Yo can download Odin Flash Tool for Samsung Phones from the links below and install it on your computer for flashing update files on your computer. Download:     Odin v3.10.7 (Latest Suitable for Marshmallow) Download:     Odin v3.10 Download:     Odin v3.09 (Most Suitable) Download:     Odin v3.07 Download:     Odin v3.06 Download:     Odin v3.04 Download:     Odin v1.85 Download:     Odin v1.83 So, guys I hope you have download Odin flash tool and know how to use it. If you have any questions the ask in the comments section below. Now time to go, Bye!!! Please like, share and subscribe. Comment to share your views. Follow on twitter, facebook,GooglePlus.