Yes! you can still play and install Pokemon go in asian countries and some other where it’s not available, all you need to do is make a US iTunes account which is quite simple and many of Apple users might already have one, if not keep reading on to download pokemon go in any country.

Pokemon Go has a massive of users in the European countries but is quite a disappointment for those regions where this amazing game has not been released. There is passed a lot of time since Pokemon Go is released and probably you would be wanting it badly. So, nothing to worry about because we will show you how to install and download pokemon Go outside US internationally and fake pokemon go location so that you are able to run this trending game on your iPhone, iPad. Best Jailbreak Tweaks for Pokemon Go You may know that there also has been a restriction for jailbreak users. Pokemon Go can’t be installed on jailbroken iphone or ipad. To this game on jailbroken iphone or ipad use pokepatch cydia tweak.

Follow these Simple Steps to Fake Pokemon Go Location

To download Pokemon Go in your country, follow and do the steps below. You have to make a US itunes account.

You need a new U.S iTunes account for this, first sign out from your previous iTunes account. Launch the App Store > Apple ID and here sign out.

Now go to your home screen and launch settings. You need to change the region tap language and region and select United States. Now to create a new US ID. Go to download Pokemon go on Apple App store. Select the Get option. Install and tap on Create New Apple Id on the next popup.

Select United States as a location. Fill out the info and tap none for billing info as Pokemon go is free. Send the mail for verification of email address you used for US Apple ID. All Done. Finally download Pokemon Go from the App store and enjoy the Game.

Now that Pokemon Go has been download successfully. You can switch over to your old Apple ID because every other app that is downloaded on your phone is synced with your previous apple account id. Note: While creating a new US apple id, if there is not any option as None for billing information then you may need to make a new apple id from your PC instead of a phone. And then sign in to your phone using that new Apple ID and download pokemon go.

If You Want to Update Pokemon Go

To update the app when a new version is released go to the App Store tap Apple ID your current email and sign out. Sign in using U.S Apple ID restart the phone, go to the appstore and you will now be able to update Pokemon go.

So that is it. Now you know how you can download Pokemon Go in any country. If you have any problem or difficulty regarding this the feel free to drop a comment below. Please share it and subscribe to this blog if you are into Gadgets and tech.