Some of these annoyances are:

You can’t play in the background You can’t play videos in a floating window No audio-only support

Plus many more. It is these issues that keep the IOS app for YouTube from getting a perfect score. This is where ProTube++ ipa makes an appearance as it fixes almost all of the above-mentioned problems. And it can be downloaded and installed without jailbreak.

Protube++ iOS

ProTube++ iOS ipa is a YouTube alternative that gives you the ability to do all of the above-mentioned things in addition to nailing the basics. Also See: Cercube 4 Youtube Downloader


The feature set of ProTube++ includes:

The ability to make playlists without having to sign-in to your YouTube account Playing videos in the background The ability to download both the audio and video at the same time The audio downloading gives you an option to download in multiple bit rates so as to give you finer control over the output Playing videos in a popup floating window so you can watch videos while doing other things like typing an email No ads and popups what so ever

The features alone make ProTube++ ipa a must-have if you are using IOS. The app supports all IOS devices that are running IOS 10 or above. Devices with older IOS versions can still technically run the app but they won’t be able to use all the features.

Install Protube++ iPA on iOS Devices

Download Protube++ iOS package from below download links. Now Install Cydia Impactor on your PC. Connect your iPhone or iPad to PC. Open cydia impactor. Navigate to ipa file. Drag that file and drop on cydia impactor. Now it will ask you to log in. Log in to cydia impactor with your apple id. (Note: Here you will need to add one thing, login into your Apple id on PC, make an app specific password there, now use this password in the cydia impactor with email address being the same as your Apple ID.) After that, Protube for iOS will start installing on your phone, Wait for few minutes. When done, disconnect the phone.

The app is installed on your phone but it will not work. So, the last step you have to do is to trust the developer profile of the app. Only after that the app will work properly. For this do these steps.

Go to Settings»General»Device Management or “Profiles and Device Management”. Here you will have trusted and untrusted profiles of apps. Trust the profile of the app you just recently installed. Now launch the app. You are good to go now.

Protube++ iOS iPA Download

Download the protube ipa file from below links. If the link is not working then inform us in the comment section below.

Now lets sum up this topic, if you are successful in installing Protube++ ipa on your iPhone then do share this post. Also comment down.