Posted by TikTok user @jeywoods, the below video shows a man at a gas station with his own solution to at least part of the problem.


“I feel like we’re going to see many more people get creative out here!” says @chloeewasnothere. “So if you see me on a horse in the slow lane on the highway, mind yo bizness.” “Everyone bout to be scootin’, writes @lelacerveza. “In this AZ heat? I think not.” remarks @llexxx_. “In this heat?” echoes @jaelvaldez33. “No sir. No.” To which @pyropuppydog replies, “Clearly you people have never been on a scooter or motorcycle. Heat doesn’t matter when you’re moving that fast.” “Look into the honda minimoto series,” advises @uhoh_hotdog. “All under 5k and all get over 100 mpg on a 1 gallon tank.” User @grtwhtvvvv notes, “What’s absurd is that you get a gallon and a half for 10 bucks.” A couple viewers of the video mention some drawbacks to this mode of transportation. “No bug shield, no air conditioner then worrying about thieves or damage everywhere you park it,” writes @birdsofpennsylvania. “It’s a good idea in theory.” Reader @jazzyjaz00 adds, “Only thing is it’s not allowed on the freeway since it goes way below speed limit.”’s review reads, in part, like this: “A Vespa is not just a scooter. It is one of the great icons of Italian style and elegance, and with more than 16 million units produced, is well known throughout the world. For more than 50 years, Vespa has fascinated millions of people and given the world an irreplaceable icon of Italian style and a means of personal transport that has become synonymous with freedom.” Recommended For You

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