Creator of the video @p_shep1 creates a little excitement in the comments with this clip. “Bro, what a shot!” writes commenter @lilith_the_drag0n. “Wow, thank you for this!” “This was the best camera shot I have ever seen!” exclaims @okshipwreck. Great job, dude!" “Thank you for showing a side of something that normally nobody would ever see,” says @atb_83. “Drones are the future of filmography, in my opinion.” “I know lava is from the Earth,” notes @tumblebetty. “I just can’t believe it is from the Earth.” “I thought we were flying into it,” surmises @mathmr.d. “I was ready.” “Awesome, inspiring footage,” praises @andyjacklin1. “Hope the drone wasn’t too damaged.” Video viewer @jcozaki sums it all up simply. “Amazing footage,” he remarks. Recommended for you

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