Television stations, especially newsrooms, have gotten on board with drone capabilities and many use them as part of regular newscasts, from shooting peaceful, natural vistas, to getting into dangerous areas that normal camera operators would likely avoid. This aspect of their utility comes most into play when attempting to record images of natural disasters, like forest fires or flooded areas that cannot be accessed through normal transportation means. TikTok user @sea.level showed us some incredible footage from the eruption of Mauna Loa in Hawaii this week, captured by a drone. I have been watching the footage of Hawaii’s active volcano spewing lava and toxic gasses around the Big Island, causing health risks. Having a drone shoot this provides more up-close shots than a camera operator or even news shopper can get. My journalism background appreciates the enhanced coverage offered that pairs with traditional reporting and interviews to give viewers better understanding of the situation. Commenters had some really good jokes with this video. Tom Frank Surber responded, “The whole time I was waiting to see Darth Vader’s castle appear at the source of the lava!” “Someone needs to tell Dwayne Johnson to put the heart of tifiti back right now!!!!” remarked Diana Webb570. Yer Maw inferred, “Obi wan’s POV from the high ground.”