Uploaded by @tech, the clip shows some possible designs and users are reacting.  “It’s a debatable idea,” ponders commenter @voltechplayz. “I’m claustrophobic,” writes user @nietschijtenopdegrond. “Dude,” reader @deydhen replies. “It’s either claustrophobia or death.” “Death for me, please,” says @alabarandanara. “At least it saves you for more than an hour, or days,” suggests @lelouch1177. “Well, what if your hand or feet is outside of the bed?” asks @voltechplayz. “It’s going to get chopped off.” “Is it heat proof?” wonders @kirkian212. “Otherwise it could become an oven and bake you alive.” “At least you have your coffin in case don’t get rescued,” surmises @munchkin_aldren. “Nothing can go wrong here,” says @jcrosav with an unmistakable tone of sarcasm. “Not everyone is so skeptical. “I need this,” writes @sparker94. Recommended for you

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