We often hold the same sentimental attachment to our contacts as we do to old blurry photos we took five years ago. Whether it’s someone from high school you haven’t talked to since graduation, exes that you still somehow have hope for or old coworkers you forgot existed, it’s hard to let go. But once you do let go, you have space (literally) for more important things. If you’re dreading going through your contacts and deleting each person individually, @iphonation has an iPhone hack that can help. It’s pretty genius and we’re surprised we didn’t know about this sooner. All you need to do is press and hold on the list of contacts with two fingers and drag your finger down to select the contacts you want to delete. Then press and hold on one of the names selected and you’ll see an option to either merge the contacts or delete them. It’ll free up space on your iPhone in a matter of seconds. Some viewers tried this hack and said they are blown away. “It does work!! Omg!!!” @thatgirlebee commented. “I want both sides of the pillow to be cool for you. Just did it! Thanks,” @pleasantviewnpc said. Users also noted that you must use two fingers to press, hold and drag instead of one, otherwise it won’t work. Now there really is no excuse for not having enough storage on your phone. Have fun deleting!