Of course, with time and usage, these browsers can start to slow down or crash frequently, often driving users to consider different options. However, frustration is avoidable and slow performance is able to be countered or stopped outright with some simple maintenance measures. TikTok user @martiantechofficial shows a quick way to boost browsing speed on most of the popular browsers.  This video garnered some questions from commenters. While others insisted this was not a solution (without much counter-explanation), Naruto asked “how so I use nvidia profile inspector on Intel laptops?”" this is actually helpful af," responded simonaef. yousef Jamal inquired, “How can you boost performance on a normal laptop? (not meant to be gaming laptop).” It can be difficult and frustrating when we don’t get ideal performance out of our personal devices, especially when we’re pursuing our true passions. However, it is important to follow prescribed self-maintenance with browsers and other programs to maintain ideal output.