While these setups are incredible at creating consistently impressive experiences, they are not impervious to problems. Ask gamers about how they react when their screen goes black or freezes and expect a variety of reactions from temporary annoyance to full-out explosions of rage, depending on the circumstances. However, TikTok user @setupspawn shows us a quick and (relatively) painless way to get out of a black screen and get back up and running.  Computer people tend to enjoy finding solutions, and the commenters to the video certainly fit that vein. Dave Kachel wrote, “damn I could have needed this two days ago.” By the power of greyskull!!! He-man be enjoying that reset," quipped danmyers362. Mushy Bowers channeled the sentiment of everyone who wishes solutions didn’t require keyboard Twister with, “why do they come up with these ninja key combinations. we want to use the computer. we aren’t trying to kill Ryu.” I love this handle as a memorable, endearing way to combine PC expertise with gaming. Hopefully this solution can help players who deal with this problem and can get them back to crushing it.