Regardless, it’s certainly cool to watch what appears to be a Russian MiG-29 fighter jet activating an invisible cloaking device. What’s scary is how convincing the cloaking effect is in this video, which raises some concerning questions.


Despite the convincing effects, we’re quite confident that this is what is called a deepfake. That is, a video using special effects to create either false appearances of popular individuals or create fictitious situations. That’s what we believe is going on the this video posted by Mister Illusions on TikTok. It’s unknown how or why this apparently faked video was made, but it should be clear just how damaging something like this can be. Many of the viewers are already convinced that this is real. “Since when [do] we [have] Cloaking Technology?” a commenter asked. Don’t worry, if we did, surely that would be all over the international media by now, no? “It’s called animation,” another commenter said. Thankfully we have some critical thinkers on TikTok. We need more of those on the platform.