Posted to TikTok by user @ourfuturestories, the video below explains more and examines Musk’s contention that Tesla’s AI venture may one day be more valuable than its car business.


According to IOT World Today, Musk has said the robot eventually could become ‘cheaper than a car.’ Viewers of the video react. “I love going to the grocery store,” writes commenter @noneofyourbusinesssssss0. “Considering how long it takes to produce a cyber truck, I expect these after I’m dead, LOL!” says @justinmichaelj. “Wish I was born in the ’50s and lived a simple life,” remarks @mynijjaa. User @airpod407 has a prediction: “Battery life one hour at best,” he proclaims. Yeah, I think 2033 or even 2043 is more realistic for human-like robots walking around," suggests @jmaddalena. “2023 is literally months from now.” “I want one,” announces @antisocialmeeee. “Who’s got 20k hanging around that they can lend me?” “Anyone ever notice Elon’s projects have military applications?” asks @dexmould. “All good until someone hacks it and removes strength and speed restrictions,” guesses @the..mohan. Recommended for you

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