While he continues to court controversy with his moves after completing the purchase of Twitter, there are still some incredible projects going on at his other companies. Being able to keep these different endeavors going must be difficult but he is surrounded by some excellent professionals. This TikTok from @yahoonews shows his next major venture could be a true game changer.  This would be an incredible breakthrough in restorative medicine if this works as Musk and his team claim. I would not begin to claim to understand how any of this might work, but the science behind it seems plausible. If it works, could we be looking at a Nobel prize for Musk and/or the scientists who created this? Commenters mostly supported Musk and this attempt to alleviate suffering. “Man talking about restoring vision and helping spinal cord injuries, but haters will continue to hate,” noted Billy Foster. Ned Flanders remarked, “This guy is like Tony Stark combined with Bruce Banner.” “sweet, I need my medulla oblongata fixed,” reported Jamie C.