After months of negotiations and public speculation, Musk has the object of his desires and an even more prominent position in the tech sector. He also has immense public scrutiny over his stewardship of one of the most popular and important destinations online, as Twitter has become a go-to for news and public discourse. While the task and expectations seem to be almost superhuman, the new boss announced the deal with a simple post: The reaction drew immediate and widespread reactions. Many believe this means bans on accounts will be rescinded, allowing those like former Pres. Donald Trump to return. Musk also fired three key executives, the CEO, CFO, and the policy chief responsible for banning many controversial accounts. Musk has claimed he will stop bot accounts and reveal the site’s secret algorithms.  We got many varied reactions to this. Conservative media personality Tomi Lahren cheered, “Expose the algorithms, @elonmusk ALL of them!!!” European politician Thierry Breton remarked, “In Europe, the bird will fly by our rules,” referring to stricter anti-hate speech regulations than exist in North America. However, the most measured one appears to be from longtime comedienne Ruth Buzzi, who has been active on the platform. “Fear no opinion. If you disagree, think of it as a learning opportunity. Discuss and grow with the knowledge gained through exchanging ideas. You can’t learn anything from anyone who agrees with you. Period.”