Nowadays, however, Gen Zers are dialing back their attitudes and are stepping up in the workplace for one reason and one reason only: they don’t want to get fired. With layoffs happening left and right, we all need to do everything we can to secure our jobs. Even if it means adopting an alternate personality at work. It really be like that in this economy. So much so that TikTok creator DeAndre Brown (@imdrebrown), who usually posts videos demonstrating the habits of Gen Z in the workplace, had to switch up his content a bit. It’s funny until you realize the painful reality that anyone can lose their job at any second for any reason.  The comments section for this video is absolutely hilarious with people expressing just how hard they can relate. “We gotta pivot in these times,” TikTok user @goformandy said. “Paying bills is elite 💀💀💀,” @tiamariethepeach agreed. “We not hanging up in this economy,” @noelle.and.penny said. When the going gets tough, you gotta switch to survival mode. Stay safe out there folks.