The crux of the argument lies in that control over productivity, along what constitutes as “being productive” as a worker. Remote work often uses communication programs and apps to help teams stay connected and collaborate on projects, but also serve as ways for leadership to monitor their underlings and make sure they are staying focused. There are some ways, as TikTok user @astr0nate shows us, to maintain some autonomy with these oversight attempts.  Commenters offered some other solutions while expressing their frustration over this onerous mentality. “I start a meeting with myself to see how I look on full screen lol then I end the call. Hope that doesn’t come up in my review lol,” replied Baci1437. Nikole Roulhac suggested, “Or just schedule yourself focus time like I do…I could be focusing on work or the back of my eyelids.” “Open Microsoft presentation and F5 present. Keeps the green dot alive,” noted Smashtops. Having worked in various remote settings, using these communications apps to spy on workers seems a business necessity but really turns off talent. If these companies cannot adapt their mindsets or loosen the reins, they may lose out on more than just “wasted time.”