You haven’t seen your girlfriend for a while, as she’s been away on a trip. But as she arrives, you imagine a romantic and sweet moment.  Then this happens. TikTok user @fjerry is kind enough to share this hilarious video here. “I just bursted out laughing,” writes a commenter. One video viewer hilariously surmises, “The suitcase was just excited to see him.” Another guesses what the woman down the escalator was thinking: “Girl at the bottom of the escalator: ‘The woman was too stunned to speak,’” she writes. “Me, but I’d be the one falling,” says a viewer of the video. Another sympathizes in the same manner: “Something that would happen to me.” “The girl at the bottom saw her life flash before her eyes,” writes a commenter. We’re just glad that moments like these can be shared. That way, when it happens to us, we won’t feel like we are the only ones that manage to pull this sort of thing off. Recommended for you

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