Posted by space pro and TikTok user @thegalacticgal, the below video gives us a sneak look.


“I’m so excited!” exclaims viewer of the video @missbot. “I’m going to cry when I see everything it takes a picture of,” writes @bizamanic. Reader @inklungs is stoked with anticipation as well. “I’m looking forward to this like it’s the next Avengers!” he says. “July 12th might actually change everything,” predicts @robthehero96. I’m excited!" admits @princessbugglebum. “But I also have extreme existential anxiety about this.” “I finally found my people!” says @nikihoto. “Where do I find the pictures when they’re released?” We’ll be covering the unveiling and will have them right here. It’s at 10:30 Eastern time on Tuesday, July 12. Recommended for you

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