Uploaded to TikTok by expert drone pilot @p_shep1, you’ll see why commenters are reacting to the clip. “Keep up the great work!” writes viewer of the video @cliffordthesecond. “You fly a drone and thread a needle,” observes @ug_gene. “I fly a drone, I take it on a field and hit a tree.” “Nicely done!” shouts out @ric.creator. “Spongebob reference appreciated.” “Don’t get me wrong,” says @truenorth_visuals. “Fantastic place, but I was more impressed with the 360 spot turn before the shot.” “That’s some damn good flying,” compliments @mjchayphotography. “This is epic!” proclaims @nextlvl_media." “So relaxing,” says @janaqt6. “I want more.” Recommended for you

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