Uploaded by TikTok user @damion_bailey, the clip encourages thoughts and opinions from viewers. “Yeah, let’s just throw physics out the window,” writes commenter @aly_allam. “Most awesome aircraft in the sky,” observes @gwx60. “Absolutely amazing,” says @stigaviation. “The Raptor (F-22 for anyone who doesn’t know) is a beast with thrust vectoring,” explains @0utiaw06. “I can’t wait until 2050 or 2035 when they might declassify the Raptor.” “Yeah, gravity doesn’t apply to the Raptor,” notes @gkoperczak. “There’s a reason this aircraft has been banned by Congress to be sold to any other country,” remarks @zesphynx. “It is America’s premier air superiority fighter.” “That jet is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in real life,” praises @lupiarelatednonsense. “I think he just moonwalked a jet,” surmises @buttercorn12097. “Don’t mess with physics, you’ll lose,” proclaims Unless you’re an F-22." Viewer of the video has a good way to summarize the astonishing demonstration. “Art in motion,” the user says. “Beautiful.” Recommended for you

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