The video, posted by @mitchandrewsphotos, opens up some discussion in the comments section. “Wow!” exclaims commenter @simonfarrantauthor. “It fools the eyes. How are those moves even possible?! Great camera work.” “That’s so damn impressive,” writes @jackypitcher. “What a machine.” “Not many people realize how much time effort and money it takes to film these things,” acknowledges @reindeernation. “I never realized how hard it would be to get steady footage of this,” agrees @mitchandrewsphotos. “Trying to smoothly track these things at 600mm is hard, LOL.” “Good work, cameraman, good work,” congratulates @peterzateyev. “The AOA (angle of attack) that thing can pull is insane,” notes @constantlyhorknee. “People misunderstand how capable the Lightning is. Most powerful engine in a fighter aircraft. Ever.” “Pretty impressive,” writes @jew_boi_69. “When you consider it doesn’t have the thrust vectoring capabilities of an F-22.” “The way it just changes direction like that,” sums up @jamesbyrne64. “So cool!” Recommended for you

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