The man gets even more delighted when he discovers what’s inside the box. TikTok user @anxietycouple posts the below video that captures his perfectly heartwarming reaction and makes us believe in true love.


The woman even manages to crack us up as she jokes with him about selling his PlayStation to pay for the gift. This gets a funny response from him as well, but she quickly let’s him know she’s just kidding about that. She says she’s been saving for it and that is super sweet as well.  “I love this family,” writes commenter @gabrielkachirisk2. “Cutest relationship ever! declares @christyrashell. Viewer of the video @rich_for_life_94 says, “He looks excited but then scared cuz he thought his PS5 was gone.” “I was about to say that if she sold the PS5 then it’s time for a divorce,” jokes @bilzz36. “Happy spouse, happy house,” writes @robertherrerajr74. “You are truly blessed.” “All those guys are lucky who got girls like that,” says @nom771. “I love this!” exclaims reader @st._louis_esports. “This made my day.” “The look on his face is so wholesome and humble,” notices @elrey4174. “You guys are awesome!” Recommended For You

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