Posted to TikTok by user @omada_uk, the video below explains how it works and what to expect in the Gulf State only four months away.


“Imagine if you score in the 120+1 minute in the World Cup Final only to find out one of your blood cells was offside,” writes commenter @sainsburys_toucher. “What if the sensor in the ball affects the physics of it?” asks @liam.z.zz. “I mean it’s good technology,” says @joelthemole9, “but I think they should just stop complicating things.” “This isn’t complicating anything,” replies @robert.barathian. “It’s making it easier and more simple.” User @hufccal09 states the obvious but important: “It all depends on if it works.” “I’m not happy,” says @cerealoffender39. “Football is for people, not machines.” We just hope the new technology contributes to a sense of fairness in the competition. Obviously, this is what FIFA is going for, but somehow the World Cup seems to find ways to invite controversial incidents. Recommended for you

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