“Never knew about the lights,” writes commenter @robmorin1. “Cool!” “There are actually a lot of lights they use,” says @henstick2. “That’s just a basic one.” “Lights are in all the airports,” adds @eztktk. “Not only carriers.” “We need to talk about how a line stops a jet!” exclaims @user697855488. “Super strong steel cable,” notes @batcountry101. “And powered with hydraulics.” Video viewer @elh447 explains it in his own way like this: “The cable is attached to two reels with enlarged belts,” he says. “They have shafts attached to rotors that position in opposite directions placed on a spole.” Reader @u5er69420 isn’t convinced. “I wouldn’t get on that plane if you pay me,” he says. “I used to work on the flight deck!” writes @bertamurda. “Ah, I miss it. Go Navy!” Recommended for you

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