Posted by TikTok user @setupspawn, the video below shows us how to easily look up sordid events that may have happened around us in the not-too-distant past.


“I found a skull in the woods behind my house, so I’m probably gonna check this out,” says commenter @williamisbig. “Robbery and murder,” writes @ibeyondt. “No wonder I’ve been hearing stuff at night.” Viewer of the video @ccc.chrismark1234 notes bluntly, “I’m the 6666th comment.” “Niki Minaj’s dad died in my town right in front of my friend’s house,” shares @ericbarbosa35. User @jennjennyjennifer4 found this: “Nothing in my neighborhood but in the next town over a woman drowned her five kids in the bathtub.” “Nahhh,” writes @chrispyfriess, who doesn’t sound like she’ll try it. “Cuz once I search up our town I’m gonna see Micheal Jackson walk past my doorway.” Recommended for you

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