Android Device Manager is a program or an app that lets you find your android device with the help of Google Account that is logged in on that device. With Android Device Manager, you can make your android phone ring even if it is on silent, track your android phone if GPS is on and lock or erase data on your phone. Device Manager for android can handle your android by signing in with the Google Account that is used on your Android phone that is to be found. So, below is the procedure for finding your Android with Android Device manager. The device manager for android is a security service for android that lets you control your Android Phone with the help of same Google Account that is used in your Device. You can unlock or lock your phone, make it ring to find your android even on silent or without sim card, track its locations or even erase data. This is all possible with Android Device Manager. All you need to do is, sign in to Android Device manager with the same Google Account that is used on your phone and give the  commands. In a moment your phone will follow those instructions or commands.

Necessary Requirements

Your phone should be connected to the internet, otherwise it won’t receive the commands. Your should use same Google Account that your phone is synced with.

Find your Android with Android Device Manager

Finding your android phone is very easy. To find your android, just follow the instructions below and you will know where your phone is resting.


The first step you need to do is to go to the Android Device Manager by clicking in this link.


Now sign in with same account that is logged in on your lost Android Device.


After signing in, you will see different options. Your phone is lost somewhere in the home so, you can click on the Ring option. Your phone will ring at its full volume even if it is on silent. You can also click on the Lock option to lock your phone and reset the password. Erase option is used to wipe all the data on phone.


And All Done, Hope you have found your phone.

So, guys that is it. Now you can use android device manager to find your Android phone every time when you forget where you left it. If you have any questions then ask in the comments below. Please share to your friends on facebook, twitter etc. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus