The sudden announcement has drawn outrage from many, concern from most, and threats of lawsuits from some state regulators who believe this runs in violations of termination policies. For those who have lost their careers, this is unfortunate, and we wish them the best. Hopefully, they didn’t suffer the same fate as TikTok user @mattxshaver This video appears to be in the vein of the jokers who carried out their “personal effects” last week from Twitter’s headquarters, only to reveal that they never actually were employed by the tech giant. It’s not nice to make light of the misfortune of others but this is pretty funny. It would not surprise many if this were how Musk and his team actually informed long-standing employees of his new firm that their services would be no longer required. Some of the folks in the comments understood the joke and had some epic responses. “Why does it look like you talking to us from the 1970s?,” asked dyson0715. Heremy Jamie suggested, “Elon jus doing what everyone would do when we are all rich.” “For a sec I thought you were going to say you got the notice via Twitter,” wrote.