Many Android devices are not good enough to hide your personal stuff so you need to have an app for that. If you are worrying , take a chill pill because we will help you out in finding some best apps to hide anything on Android. Our recommended apps are If you have private stuff on Android which you want to to hide from others then you can easily do this by downloading any privacy app from Google Play store. Below are some useful apps that will help you hide private stuff on Android. So, have a look and pick the one you like.

Hide Photos, Video- Hide it Pro

This is the first app that is on our list to hide private stuff on android. The app is very powerful and hides almost anything. You can hide pictures, videos, applications, messages and even phone calls. You can hide secret photos, videos, apps and access them through secret code. The best part is that this app appears as the audio manager so,when someone opens it an audio app with audio functions will open but the secret lies in when you long press on the audio manger logo the true  app will launch with all your secret stuff in it.


Applock is a great app for securing apps on your Android smartphone. This app allows you to set a password or pattern to unlock apps you want to secure. After installing Applock there is no need to lock your home screen, just lock the specific apps. You will find all your apps in the Applock main menu where you can lock and unlock specific apps of your choice.

Smart Hide Calculator

Smart Hide Calculator is actually a very smart app, it makes apps security a step further. The smartness of this app is when you will open an app secured with Smart Hide Calculator, it will take you to a perfect working Calculator and no one will be able to easily guess that it’s fake, for opening an app all you need to do is enter your password and press equal button, that’s why it is Smart Hide Calculator. It’s a unique and great hider but you will need Root permissions to get the most out of this app.


This is another smart contents hiding app because Andrognito not only hides your pics, documents, and other data but it can also Hide itself, isn’t it amazing. Andrognito itself needs a four digit PIN. It will appear in the app drawer but if you want to hide it just activate the stealth mode. After activating stealth mode you will only be able to open Andrognito by entering your PIN on the phone dial and pressing Call button , stealth mode is a great function of this app.

As the name shows that this is an app for securing your gallery which means your photos and videos won’t be easily viewed outside the app. It is free app, so try this app and make your gallery unreachable. These are some best apps for Hiding your private content. You can choose anyone of your choice. Hope you like our list of top 5 apps to hide private stuff on Android. If you know any other good app to hide anything on android then comment below. Please share it and subscribe. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the bottom.