There is nothing wrong with tweaking/modifying your phone as long as you know what you are doing. But if you somehow ended up with Bootloop issue or WiFi Issue, we will try to help in solving them.

Bootloop Issue

While customizing your device, it gets stuck in the bootloop. Upon turning it on, it doesn’t go ahead of that Samsung logo on the screen or it just keeps restarting itself from that Samsung logo screen. Now, if your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus has been stuck in the bootloop, try these tricks.

Wipe cache partition

Wiping cache partition fixes this issue most of the times. Turn your S8 off, wait for few seconds. Turn it on now while pressing and holding Bixby + Volume Up + Power key. You’ll see recovery mode, navigate to the “Wipe cache partition” option using Volume down key. Press power key for selection. Navigate to the Yes option and press power key. Restart your S8, I’m sure the issue will be fixed.

Wipe factory data reset

Again turn it off completely and boot into the recovery mode. There navigate to the “Wipe factory data reset” option using Volume down key. Then press the Power key to make a selection. Use volume down to navigate to the Yes option and press power key. Restart your phone.

Fix Galaxy S8 Wifi Issues

In our everyday life, the internet has become a necessity and without the internet, there is no survival. A lot of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus owners have reported numerous WiFi issues happening on their handsets. These issues include losing the WiFi connectivity again and again. WiFi is connected but you are unable to access the internet, weak signals. All these issues are common and can be fixed. Let’s see how

Forget WiFi Network – Add Again

Restart the Router

Maybe your device is not causing connectivity issue. Sometimes, the source router messes up the connectivity. To resolve this, you can restart the router by pressing the button on the router.

Reset Network Settings

 Go to settings on your device > About device.  There tap Reset at the bottom. In Reset, tap Reset Network Settings > Reset the settings.

Check the number of connected devices

Routers support a limited number of devices connected at a time. You need to check how many devices your router supports and how many devices are connected at the moment. Because if your router supports 5 devices, and there are 5 devices already connected, it won’t allow you to connect as a 6th device.

Check for Software Update

Lastly check for Software Update. Go to settings > software update > download updates manually. If a new update is available, download it and install it on your phone. If you’re still facing any Issue with your Galaxy S8, reach us out via Comment Box, Thanks!