That’s why we were so intrigued by this free app for teachers that has so many useful features to improve the classroom experience for students and teachers alike. Just look at how many tasks this app can handle for time-strapped teachers with attention-strapped students.


For starters, the app is browser based, so it’s easily accessible so long as your school administration allows it on the school Wi-Fi. (Or, you can go rogue and tether the tablet or laptop you’re using the app with to your phone.) The app offers timers, polls for students, a name randomizer for fairly sharing questions among students, and a noise meter that uses the device’s microphone to measure decibel levels and display them. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Teachers can also share text and images on the screen as well as use it is a pseudo digital whiteboard. Here’s what some teachers think of it after watching Mrs. TexasTeacher’s video on TikTok. “It’s free, but after using it for the year, I got tired of not being able to save screens,” one viewer commented. “Spent the 30$ for the year. Worth it!” “It’s the best,” one viewer commented. “I have my google slides embedded and insert YouTube videos.” “I use it daily: small text box with our schedule, small clock, about 50% of my screen is a YouTube video of focus/concentration music,” another commenter laid out. That said, we should note that not every single feature mentioned here is available for free. offers a subscription for more advanced features.