Renault has developed a working flying car that looks an awful lot like one of its first cars with four helicopter propellers attached in place of wheels and tires. The result? A flying machine that looks like it was ripped out of an alternate timeline 1960s where the tech took off way faster than it has here.


Because it has no wheels, this R4-inspired vehicle looks more like a Da Vincian flying machine than a car that can also fly. Shared by HypeBeast on TikTok, it looks like a drone that can fit one person inside. That’s right, this flying car, known as the “AIR4”, can seat just one driver and no additional passengers. That said, it can climb up to 2,300 feet with its carbon fiber propellers and runs on a 100V lithium ion battery that can drive the vehicle up to 58 miles per hour in horizontal travel. Unfortunately, since this is just a working concept, the battery life or range of the AIR4 is unknown. According to Renault, this is simply a show car for now that will not be built for consumer use. There isn’t even regulation in place for personalized flying vehicles like this one, much less interest from the public in such technology. Regardless, it’s fun to dream of this becoming an eventual reality.