It is remarkable how many everyday devices can be replicated as brick models, with full capabilities of their traditional counterparts. We have seen some incredible versions of high-end products and replicas of buildings or scenes from pop culture. TikTok user @rillotok appears to have found a fun new addition for the remote working crew. For anyone who has a desktop setup, use an independent keyboard, and likes to build models with bricks, this seems like a great holiday gift. However, this must be something where directions get followed to the letter, for extra pieces or something incorrectly put together might mean the keyboard never works. Imagine having to rebuild that from scratch.  Commenters have some interesting scenarios that might stem from this keyboard. “You rage it falls apart and u gotta tell your homies ‘“lemme rebuild my keyboard rq’” suggested Malice. Rami noted, “1 drop and I will cry.” “Legit coolest keyboard. I might be biased cause I’m a major Lego fan,” admitted wearegoodinc.