Buying wands from the movies has become a popular item at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida, some of which can be used to “cast spells” in some amazing interactive experiences around the area. But what if you could perform your own magic with something that you carry already? Well, TikTok user @kassandrahernand19 found a clever way for even us “muggles” to practice some practical magic. That bit of everyday magic has a lot of people astounded in the comment section. AMB1012 admitted, “Not me trying it and IT WORKS! Pretty cool!” “Totally tried it! New favorite thing!” proclaimed Angela Krinke. Anon Spec provided a Snape-like warning with, “Keep in mind that if you do this and have any Google controlled lights in your house, it will turn those on instead. All of them.” Apple and Google’s voice-activated features know a few more tricks. “Lumos Maxima” makes the flashlight brighter, but requires “Nox Maxima” to turn off. “Nox” is sufficient for the regular flashlight. Just don’t try “avada kedarva” or “Wingardium Leviosa” because the phone tends to get a bit cheeky. Unfortunately, none of these “spells” come with house points.