It can be difficult to go through these semi-formal video conference calls, especially when there’s some “icebreaker” to introduce new team members or at the start of a cross-department project. Not being in the same physical working space seems to make these necessary (that or those who propose these activities need them to get through their monotonous days). However, TikTok user @fentifriedchicken provides some tips for those who struggle under the pressure.  What a wonderful suggestion offered by this video! Seriously, these icebreakers should not wreck a whole meeting or cause long pauses (which might get judgy looks, let’s be honest.) Most people should have a couple canned answers based on something simple or something they know other people like in the group. Commenters provided some phenomenal answers for this stock question. “i heard someone say, “I was slimed on nickelodeon” and now that’s my go-to lie,” replied Sarah. BigDinkEZ inputted, “I said I came second in a salsa competition and people lost their minds.” “This is so helpful; I have a full-on anxiety attack trying to think of answers to these,” admitted Nancy.